Our Purpose

mother_calf100% Grass-fed Beef

  • Our beef have no hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No feed additives
  • No assembly line
  • Most importantly, they are raised on a local family farm by experienced and knowledgeable cattlemen and women.

Our objective is to provide natural ranch raised beef, “the kind that our families have thrived on for 5 generations.” All of our cattle are born on the prairies of South Thurston County in the spring and range free on our acreage.

When the fields are dry enough the cattle are moved down the hill to the lush green pastures of the Deschutes River Valley where they graze and roam in beautiful pastures and are always handled with care. Fall means moving the cattle from the soon to be wet and soggy meadows onto the relatively dry prairie land, where their diet is supplemented with hay. All of the cattle are on an All-Natural forage diet with no corn or other starchy grains or feeds.

As fall approaches, the calves make that natural transition from momma’s milk to grazing the lush green pasture grass. The Nelson family has always used “fence-line-weaning.” This process allows cows and calves to remain in nose to nose contact with a single fence division, enabling interaction between the mothers and their calves, but preventing suckling. This procedure minimizes the stress level of the cows and calves, which means there is less chance of sickness so we have healthier and happier animals.

We raise Angus, Hereford, and Angus-Hereford Cross Animals.
Angus cattle are solid black cattle known for their high meat quality, with nicely marbled meat and a minimum amount of fat. They are renowned for their superlative eating quality. Do not forget their mothering instincts; don’t ever get between an Angus cow and her new born.